5 Great Tips: Stop Taking Life So Seriously!

5 Great Tips: Stop Taking Life So Seriously!


Sometimes we can really get caught up in our problems and issues – whats going right, what could be better, whats going wrong – that we can forget to enjoy life. Life has so many gifts to offer us, and we have to make sure we don’t take any of them for granted. We can get caught up in the things that aren’t going right and totally forget to just enjoy the time left we have. A whole week, month, season, passed you by – and while you took care to worry about your problems, you did not enjoy your life! Below are some tips to stop taking life so seriously!

1. Go enjoy nature. There is a mountain near my house that is called Stone Mountain. When I look down from the top, or I am at the foot of the mountain looking up, I can see how really small we are. We really are not in charge of everything.

You can also look up at the stars at night, it will give you the same feeling.

2. Appreciate the good things, focus on the good things. This is a given. Focusing your energy on the good things / minimizes our issues and worries in life. Its important to have a positive outlook on life, because everything is really going to work out in life, we have to stay positive.

3. Give yourself a chance to live: Do something you have been dying to do! That way if everything doesn’t work out the way you planned, you did something you wanted to do. Treat yourself!

4. Stop trying to impress people that don’t matter. Chances are, some of those people like to see you stressed out and worried all the time. Don’t give them the satisfaction – just stop caring about what they think and how they see you. Life you life for you!

5. Stress Kills You! This is a known fact that can stand alone.

What are some things that have helped you stop taking life so seriously? Let me know!

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