The Art of Concentration E-Book!

The Art of Concentration E-Book!


Firstly, I appreciate everyone’s well wishes with my sister’s surgery. She’s out of the hospital and we’re definitely making good progress.

I have not been able to blog a whole lot because of this… but thanks for showing so much love and praying for my family!

This past year, I have been writing a book called “Art of Concentration” – one of my life goals was to write a book, which began last year. I went through a lot in my personal life and I decided to learn about self help so I could counsel myself through what I was going through, and to strengthen me as a person. It really helped and the topic became intriguing to me. I decided to write a book about what I’ve learned in how to develop yourself and transform your life. Here is an excerpt of the my favorite part of the book on a person’s WILL. “The Art of Concentration” will be released in April! Also, my personal website: & Art of Concentration are currently under construction and will be updated, so check back for updates!

“The education of the WILL should not be left to chance. The will can only be trained through perseverance and consistency. The cost is effort, time and patience, but the returns are valuable. There are no magical processes leading to WILL development, but this development works wonders for you because it gives you self-mastery, personal POWER and energy of character.”

Click through my photo to send you to Art of Concentration Facebook Page – where you can see all the upcoming updates!


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