How to Get Comfortable with Discomfort – One Step!

How to Get Comfortable with Discomfort - One Step!

Discomfort is a very important topic to me because I’m still growing and becoming better everyday. In order to become the success we all would like to be, discomfort is something that we all will have to get used to. Its a part of life. The more uncomfortable you are or become, the more you will see growth in your life.

For instance, take me: As an artist, I prefer making only traditional art, that is NOT digital. However, where I am going I will definitely need to know how to make digital art. So taking the steps to learn digital software was very necessary for me EVEN though I did not want to learn it (and practically hated it). Now I am in the process of learning it and I see its not that bad.

I think we complicate things for the sake of just complicating things. I believe its important to live outside of your mind and everything is attainable as long as you don’t wish for it and actually DO IT.

The one step to get over discomfort is this: BE OKAY WITH DISCOMFORT. Discomfort is a friend. It shows you were you will be able to grow. Sooner or later, you will get used to the feeling of discomfort and know that its just a guide; its just a feeling. Understand it and proceed forward into new places 🙂

Get comfortable with discomfort!

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