Get Rid of These 5 Joy-Stealers In Your Life!

Get Rid of These 5 Joy-Stealers In Your Life!

1. Worrying, Anxiety, and Hate. All these are negative emotions that will drain you of your happiness. Constantly being anxious was one thing in particular that I’ve had an issue with. I’m not sure if anyone can identify with me, but I would be up thinking about negative possibilities while everyone was asleep; constantly only seeing the things that could go wrong on a project or with a goal that I have. Thinking on the “what if’s”.

Fear is only of your mind. It is irrational, so we should remember this every time it pops up. Everything will be fine, everything will be fantastic. Its very important to know that living in fear is a formed habit of our minds. It takes 30 days to really break a habit, but something that helped me daily was just “snapping out of it”. Taking myself slowly and analyzing myself. When a fearful and irrational thought comes to me, I think about the situation rationally. Most of the time what I am fearful about I don’t even have enough information on yet in the first place, or I haven’t even made enough actions to see what will happen.

Then I realize that I need to get out of my mind and start doing things on my to-do list =)

2. Seeing the Glass Half Empty. This is all a matter of gratitude not being given. Every single day that we are alive we should be grateful. Example – I lost my day job last week (really I felt like it was just the perfect time) and instead of crying over the spilled milk or freaking out, I just paused and talked about it with a close friend who helped me look at things in a positive way. Then I looked at all the things I had to do and believe me there was so much I was behind on as far as upcoming projects. Also I have all of my time to focus on my future goals. So, being laid-off for me was the best thing that has happened to me all year. I’m sure I would have kept commuting 2 hours to work and working crazy hours every day for years if I hadn’t been let go. But now I’m moving forward, faster. =)

3. Not Being Patient. Everything can’t happen in one day, or one week. We’re constantly working around business hours, people’s schedules, and quality takes time. If it has your name on it, chances are you want it done right, right? Well, something done cannot always be done fast. Someone once told me “It’s either fast, cheap, or quality, you usually get two, but not all three”. This resonates with me because I have experienced this.

4. Helping Everyone Else’s Goals All The Time.
I know we have people in our lives that need our help sometimes and it’s alright because we love helping =). However, its really important to put into ourselves. Often times its best to find a way that helps someone else and you at the same time, at least thats what I like to do. But giving your time and energy to someone else’s goals is a big joy stealer. Do what you want with your time because… its yours!

5. Being Overly Materialistic and Vain. Its not important to be materialistic or vain at all. I don’t have anything against vanity or materialism. I am a minimalist myself. But this can be a costly joy-$tealer, because it will leave you feeling empty, and not only in your pockets. The outside is not nearly as important as the inside.

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