2014: Break a Habit Every Month!

Hey guys!

So its already the end of February… can you believe it! This year is going by fast; I can remember when it just began.

This is a year of great change for people all over the world. Almost everyone can relate to a different feeling about this year. I run into people all the time who have spoken this into existence: “This is my year”.

So how is the year going so far for you? This year I have made a plan to break one bad habit a month, which will leave me with 12 new and positive habits created for this year. The ultimate plan is to set myself up for success by getting rid of negative actions.

I have listed bad habits to conquer for each month, in order of personal importance. Your new habits for the year may not match mine, so its important to do some sef-reflection to see what you need to change each month for yourself.

January- Doing things halfway
February – De-cluttering my workspace
March – Over-thinking
April – Resilience
May – Communication with Self and Others
June – Making Excuses
July – Complaining
August – Skipping Exercise
September – Inaction
October – Gossiping
November – Being passive – aggressive
December – Getting too comfortable

What are your habits to break this year?

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