Being “Different” … 4 Steps To Embracing You!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there that just feels “different”. This post is not about me; I am using myself as an example. From the time I can remember having consciousness, I can remember being the one that stood out. As a child, I can remember being 6 years old making a spectacle of myself to make people smile and laugh, being extremely emotional, and being wise beyond my age. I was ashamed of those things for a long time and it made me unhappy, so I changed it. Nowadays, I have become used to being the one that naturally catches everyone’s attention, being the one known to say controversial things (never afraid to speak my mind), and known to be able to inspire others. I am not a “normal” person, and I remember I used to hide this side of me, but its just who I am. I came to the internet about it to be myself, and now I have grown into this person comfortable being who I am wherever I am.

How is this? I embraced who I am and decided that any criticism I received because it was the cost of being myself, and I could take it (As I am an artist, too I know all about criticism – constructive and the nasty kind).

Below are a few steps on how to embrace who you really are!

1. Have the courage to be the interesting person we are. I’m going to stray away from being cliche’ with the “Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Taken” jargon. I’m just gonna say that we all have something to offer the world. Being yourself is how we can find out what it is we are here for, what we like to do, and overall it enriches you and the world around you.

2. Enrichment. When people see that you’re being yourself, it will occur that you will naturally help people to be themselves. What talents do you have? You may find people have some of the same talents, or can relate to you in a way. People naturally will be attracted to your originality and you may find yourself helping others.

3. Stepping Out of Your Box. If you are the one that is shy, your interests that make you who you are naturally evokes passion within you. You can speak about your passions and not be shy about it, thus making you more social and is a great way to step out of your box.

4. Finding Like-Minded People. When you are your true and different self, you may see that some people like to put you down about it. If you see this, that just means that they aren’t comfortable being themselves. You will need to find people that are okay being their genuine self and are okay with you being yourself.

But… these people, from my experience, naturally fall out of your life. This happened to me and I didn’t know what was going on AND I took some of it personally. But now it is better because everyone I have in my life embrace themselves and encourage me to be myself.

I just made “The Art of Concentration” Facebook Fan Page, and I would appreciate if you liked it!

Please feel free to comment, like, and share – I really want to hear about your experience with being yourself! This is a really special topic to me!


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