Life Coaching vs. Therapy: What’s the difference?

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Life Coaching is a steady growing field and market, that is in higher demand everyday. At the same time, it’s so interesting because most people have NO IDEA what life coaching is all about. Many people have some idea what therapy is about, but still need more information on what life coaching is exactly, how it’s different and what are it’s benefits.

So, I put together this list. I hope it helps!

Life Coaching is mainly about:

  • Developing a vision and purpose for ones life, business or both – getting clear on where you are and where you want to be
  • Dealing with the present and planning for the future – creating a map and plan for the future
  • Setting and reaching meaningful goals – set goals that excite you and elevate your performance
  • Performing at higher levels – operate at higher levels with greater clarity and intention
  • Creating solutions…

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