Just In: 4 Factors That Affect Your Decision Making Skills

Just In: 4 Factors That Affect Your Decision Making Skills

Decision making is something that we do everyday, and we have to constantly become better at it so that we may accomplish our goals in a timely manner. Decision making is a great skill to have for everyone. Below are 5 factors that we should focus on so that we will be able to make better decisions in the future.

1. Make decisions in the early morning.

Before everyone is awake and the house is quiet is the best time to make a decision. We have high serotonin (“happy” that our brain produces that allows our brain to be relaxed in the morning. Later in the evening, we should not be focused on making decisions, the day is for executing decisions made in the morning.

2. Good Ventilation = Good Decision Making.

It affects us more than we know. The air quality and amount of air molecules in a room matter. As Carbon Dioxide increases, our brains work better. Subsequently, it would be helpful to have a plant in the room.

3. Eat First.

Making Decisions while hungry is not something that is recommended. The mind does not focus when the body has a physical need. After we eat, we can make a sound decision.

4. Narrow Down Options

Narrowing down your options will help your decision making skills tremendously. If you don’t have to focus on thinking about a handful of options its less stressful. If you can narrow it down to 2 options, one or the other, it will save you time and it will be easier to make a final decision.



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