5 Ways To Keep You Productive!

1. Jump Into Action When You First Wake Up

Because when you first wake up this is the best thing to do. It sets the tone for the day – Action! This may not always be easy, but its necessary! It helps build focus and concentration:)

2. Start, often

“The hardest part is often just beginning a task . I’ve found that it’s especially hard for me to start when a task is difficult or complex. The more importance and weight a certain activity has in my life or business, the more I seem to put off starting.

However, if I can just get moving on it, even for a few minutes, it tends to get easier.

Because I know this about myself, rather than setting the intention to finish something, I resolve myself to start. The more often I start, the easier things get finished. Overcoming that first bit of inertia is the biggest challenge (just like getting started on a run, or the first push of getting a car moving).

Once things are moving, momentum is on your side.”

 3. Holding myself accountable

Fear, Uncertainty, and Laziness may get in the way at times, but when you hold yourself accountable, these things move out of the way. You are responsible for what is not getting done and what has been accomplished!!

4. Clearly defined tasks

What needs to be done? If you make a clear and defined path to your goal and can see it in your mind, it will be done a lot easier then if you just “winged it”. Know what you need to do, write it down, follow the steps.

5. Drastic Measures… 

Sometimes you will have to go to the library, another room in the house, or a local coffeehouse to be able to concentrate. This is a big one for me, because I get bored easily. Also, if you get sucked into social networking, there is an app called “Concentrate” that will keep you focused on your work for a set time and keep your notifications on hold.

What are some ways you stay productive?




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