Are You Possessing Too Much Pride?

Are You Possessing Too Much Pride?

Pride is a good thing don’t get me wrong, but sometimes we have too much pride. I must say that this is something that I am working on as I am writing this…

Naturally, it is a defense mechanism to protect ourselves from others, but it can get it in the way when it comes to our close relationships. We have to learn how to let our guards down, so that we may let more love in. Control is not always necessary, sometimes….its okay to let things FLOW.

We are all human and need help from time to time. We need each other more than we think we do sometimes, and we really are ALL CONNECTED. When we are overly prideful at times, it can be conceived that we have something to hide, since we aren’t being our true selves.

So prideful people…

Wake up, be real, and take advantage of life.

Realize and come to terms with your weaknesses, know that you are not always right nor is your way the right way, your beliefs are your opinions, hardheaded, stubborn and overall deaf to the world in general.

Snap out of it before you lose what could be the best thing that could happen to you in your life!


One thought on “Are You Possessing Too Much Pride?

  1. I am visiting Hollins University very soon because I’ve researched all the aspects of the english/creative writing department and love it to death. But I am looking for a couple good safety schools with the same strenghts. Any ideas?.

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