The 4 Steps to Self-Discipline

2 Steps to Self-Discipline

If you’re going somewhere, self discipline is so important. Even with me right now, I’m blogging with one of thee most unstable internet connections I have ever encountered in a place I have never been. But, It’s important to me to blog because I have obligated to this blog. I love hearing about how The Art of Concentration is helping people on the internet and in “real life”. Self Discipline is what it will take for you to take yourself where you want to go.

The 5 Steps to Self-Discipline

1. Start Small. Choose something, a small promise you make to yourself. Don’t break it. As you go on with life.

2. Start making bigger promises to yourself. Continue keeping them. This will become a good habit of yours (and may take the place of a bad habit).

3. Practice Delayed Gratification (I blogged on this recently. Click on the photo to read about Delayed Gratification:)

4. Repeat!

Original Art: “Island”. Acrylic on Canvas. 24×24. By Chanel Mahone.

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