4 Smart Things To Do Before 2014 Begins

4 Smart Things To Do Before 2014 Begins

This year has gone by SO FAST! I know every year, everyone says that. I look back on this year and I have a happy feeling, because I know I made some serious progress in my life. I found who I was this year. I am so happy. Life is uncomfortable and you know thats a good thing because I’m not living in my comfort zone.

Setting yourself up for 2014 is one of the smartest things you can do going into this new year. By the way, I’m extremely grateful to make it to another year in good health, with a fight in me still. I am grateful.

1. Clear clutter. There’s no better time than the holidays to turn your clutter into cash, or at least a tax deduction. Get rid of anything that is just collecting dust in your home or workspace. If its just sitting there, you can use the space for something else. If you’d rather help someone less fortunate, donate it and get a deduction during tax time. You also can sell it online for profit $$.

2. Make a will. If you don’t have a plan for your demise, there’s no time like the present to start one. Lawyers can cost hundreds but do-it-yourself software is less than $50 and you can do it in less than an hour.

3. Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution. I personally don’t make them. Just stick to the goals you have made because I have found that people usually give up on those resolutions around spring and leaves them feeling helpless. If you haven’t made any goals, check my post on Goal Setting:)

4. Celebrate the Good. Everything that happened in your life that happened this year, be happy and have fun in honor of those good things. Express gratitude about it, so that the good in your life will grow. Its so important to show gratitude for that you love and makes you happy.

Have fun! Remember don’t text or drink and drive. Start this next year strong. Make every day count!!!

Original Art: Created 2011. Acrylic on Canvas, made for J. Osouna as a birthday present on a September night. Very special. Series of dots…thousands of dots… created the picture. Click the photo to see more of my art. Also follow me on IG: Chanel_Mahone 🙂


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