Practice Delayed Gratification.

“For N. Tucker”. 24×24 acrylic on canvas. Met an angel that inspired me to make this painting. She and her family have been going through so much. Her husband “has” cancer and as you are reading this, he is going into his 23rd cycle of chemotherapy. Hopefully this painting makes it to her before Christmas! Please keep the Tucker family in your thoughts and prayers.

In today’s society, everything has to be FAST and be here NOW. Instant gratification is a way of life, especially in America. In fact, big businesses feed off of the fact that we want things now. But if everyone is getting everything they want now, why is it that most people are unhappy?

Delayed Gratification is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later, larger reward It is impulse control. When it comes to goal setting and making a difference in your life, you will HAVE to practice delayed gratification. Sometimes, you will have to turn away from something you want now for a bigger treat later on. Believe it or not, NOT getting something that you want right now will make you happier and more content in the long run.

Material items and quick fixes harness emotions such as jealously, greed and fear. Delayed gratification will cultivate positive emotions such as hope, faith, love.

Try practicing delayed gratification and live a happy, stable, and peaceful life.


One thought on “Practice Delayed Gratification.

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