Please Dont Feed the Ego!


I had to accept the flow of life today. Realizing that I’m not in control…. helped me gain control. It sounds crazy but its true. I have a end result I am trying to reach, but controlling every little thing in my life will not help me get there faster. Actually, if I try to control it more my end result may change. So for me to get where I need to be, this is so important. I may be beating a dead horse here but the ego can really get out of hand.

Ways to Reduce the Ego: Let Go of the Need to …….

1. Be Right

2. Be  Better

3. Be Faster

4.  Have Everything

5. Feel Like Life Is A Race

I don’t know anyone without an ego that needs to be checked sometimes. We all need help with this, especially as its Holiday Season. Letting Go….


2 thoughts on “Please Dont Feed the Ego!

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