Shiny Stuff Along The Way…Don’t Stop For It!

Shiny Stuff Along The Way...Don't Stop For It!

This has been on my mind heavily. It is sooo important to stay focused on your goals!!! (If you don’t have goals, make some and tweak them as you keep living.)

*There will always be a distraction on your way to the yellow brick road. Always. Life depends on what you pay attention to. What you pay attention to GROWS. So if you are focusing on something negative, it will increase in negativity. If you are focusing on your positive goals, they will grow and develop.

As you are living and learning everyday, please dont stop for things that will require your time and energy that are just not worth it. It is possible to not have made one step in your forward in your personal goals because of something that you stopped for. Wherever you stop, that is where you will be, because it takes YOU and YOUR ATTENTION. No one else can check things off the list for you. Your personal goals are your responsibilities!

Below I have posted a few tips on how to block out distractions.

How to Really Block Out Distractions

1. Figure Out Whats Distracting You

Most of the time what distracts me is social networks. Twitter, Instagram, and Email are three things that I can get wrapped in so easily. I love seeing what everyone else is doing and who’s new baby is the cutest. However, what I am doing, really? Not focusing on my goals.

Putting my phone on AIRPLANE MODE is one of the best things, because it helps me unplug for a bit so I can focus on what I need to do. When I am finished with my tasks, I turn AIRPLANE MODE off and all my messages are right there waiting for me. Its awesome, use it!

2. Set aside time for distractions

Lets face it. Distractions are always going to be there. But the ones that have to be tended to can be scheduled in your day during “Distraction Time”. Set aside a part of your morning or afternoon for them. Handle your distractions, and get back to your goals.

3. Make a Worry Free and Clutter Free Space

Make a worry-free and clutter-free space in your life and your house. The worry-free place is….your goals! Your goals can be broken down into a to-do list. Make sure you are working towards these goals daily.

The clutter-free space could be your personal room, a closet, your office desk, or any place that you can continuously go to where you can focus. The clutter-free aspect is needed because when its clean, you can think. The space doesn’t even have to be yours, you can go to Starbucks or the library with headphones and actually get things done.

3. Enjoy What Your’e Doing

What you are working towards has to be something you love, or something you are passionate about. Why? Because what you love just stirs something in you… You just want to do it all time and you think about it often.

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