How Can I Find Time to Focus?

How Can I Find Time to Focus?

The main purpose of this blog is to help you concentrate on your goal so that you may succeed. But how do you find the time to focus? There are so many things that need our attention nowadays. I’m sure you’re making time right now to read this blog post (which I sincerely appreciate:)!

However, there were days where I just feel like there were not enough hours in a day. And this happened too often! I went to sleep worried about my goals, because I had not finished a certain thing that was very important. I had to change this about my life, and this is the way I did it.

1. Figure out whats important. Everything (and everyone) cannot be a priority! The pertinent things that cannot be overlooked today must be a part of what will be concentrated on NOW! Pick 2 tasks and finish them.
hint: the bigger the better!

2. Complete these small tasks as soon as you can in the day. If you wait, the chances will be slimmer that you will complete your tasks. There are so many curve balls that can come your way! But if you do them as soon as you possibly can in the day, you could be scratching them off your list before 9am.

3. One thing at a time. I know we are all well-connected via social networking and email nowadays. This is a good thing in our social lives, but when it comes to focusing all of these connections can and WILL get in the way! (This is another reason why #3 is important.) DIsconnect until you finish because multi-tasking is not good when focusing.

4. Take a break and reward yourself! As you get better at it, add more and more to the list until you feel yourself flowing through your “obstacles”/goals.

Please let me know if this has worked for you! Comment and Subscribe to this Blog!


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